Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Assassin’s now advertising in Tesco? Every Little Helps!

It would appear that Tesco are open to the idea of helping the public in every way possible! I stumbled upon the above image whilst searching for an Assassin named¬†Ezio! I thought it… Continue reading

Brownhills West Poopetrators; Bag that Poo… Any Rubbish Bin Will Do!

There appears to be a serious issue amongst the residents over in the West of Brownhills that is plaguing their community and causing havoc along the pavements and play areas. I have been… Continue reading

Brownhills School Spring Concert!

Tickets still available! I have been very politely asked to promote the latest concert to take place at the Brownhills School. I used to be a student myself a long time ago now… Continue reading

Apology to Bryan of Bry’s Brunchies!

Apology… It would seem that an apology may be in order to Bryan of Bry’s Brunchies. If you are regular followers of my Brownhills blog, you will have read my last post describing… Continue reading

Brownhills Bob Strikes Again!

I have been blogging for only a short time and I have quickly become aware that my current status is definitely a student in the world of Brownhills blogging. The Grandmaster is the… Continue reading

Swan Works, Potclays Ltd – Cherished memories?

Today, I was taking a stroll down “memory lane” and thought about the old clay mining site on Pelsall Road, Brownhills. The site entrance is directly opposite The Swan Pub and has been… Continue reading

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