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Art For Architecture

Hello once again to all my fellow Brownhillians or Brownhillalights… depending on which category you fall into. As you have probably already noticed, I’ve transformed yet again, this time into a loveable cartoon… Continue reading

Why do I spend time blogging?

So why do I blog? Why do I spend my time writing these posts when very rude people ask silly, rhetorical, insulting questions such as”Who Cares?” in relation to my dancing coke can… Continue reading

The Brownhills Boglin Bogologist!

Who remembers these “handpuppets from hell” from their childhood? Well, I am sure they are making a resurgence in Brownhills recently and hears the worrying part, they have grown arms and legs too!… Continue reading

Barry has a new address.

WWW.BROWNHILLSBARRY.COM Hello to you all. First of all, this information doesn’t change the way you access my Brownhills Blog. It is still in exactly the same location. I am pleased to announce… I… Continue reading

Brownhills Barry… the miner can finally see!

Barry now has eyes and teeth! Whatever’s next??? Brownhills Barry has now been provided with the gift of sight along with a fine set of gnashes in the process and can now see… Continue reading

Brownhills Barry obtains the gift of Speech!

Barry has become an iPhone – Identical Siri voice box! This will be just a quick post to make you aware of my new video channel on Youtube. If you don’t follow me… Continue reading

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