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POG’s, Pogmania….. & the Pogman!

So how many of you remember this furry little guy on those discs you used to collect in the 90’s? I absolutely loved collecting these and then loosing them to friends during hours… Continue reading

Who still has one of these?

So how many of you remember these cool little vintage dudes? Infact how many of you Brownhillians have one of these stuffed away in the attic? They were the delightfully amusing 1980’s dancing coke can… Continue reading

Mysterious market ‘spector

Following on from my previous post today, titled “Witches cackle heard at Brownhills Clinic” I have received a great response from my fellow Brownhillians, who all wanted to add their own nugget of… Continue reading

Witches cackle heard at Brownhills Clinic

Good afternoon to my fellow Brownhills people… I have been contacted recently by a newcomer to my Brownhills blog and they decided to enlighten me after reading about the Pelsall Common Bridge Ghost.… Continue reading

The Colonel… now that’s a fine name for a loco!

If you have visited my blog in recent days, you’ll be aware of my two posts… Tracks into the past and Part 2 of the same title. Today, I received a very kind… Continue reading

Tracks into the past… Part 2.

Welcome to Part 2 of my previously posted entry titled Tracks into the past. This time, it’s more of a quick update with 2 new photos that I’ve discovered hiding away in my… Continue reading

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