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Who still has one of these?

So how many of you remember these cool little vintage dudes? Infact how many of you Brownhillians have one of these stuffed away in the attic? They were the delightfully amusing 1980’s dancing coke can… Continue reading

Highfield House…. Gone!!!

Going… Going… GONE!!! It was only last week when I posted on my blog, the sad state of Highfield House & Farm. I now have the sad job to inform you all that… Continue reading

South Staffordshire Railway Line

I am planning on taking more photographs of local structures such as in the above photograph. I believe that it’s such a great shame these landmarks of history in the local area are… Continue reading


Hello and a big warm welcome to you. I am Barry from Brownhills and my good friend who will be contributing to this blog is Clive from Clayhanger.  This is my new blog… Continue reading

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