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Witches cackle heard at Brownhills Clinic

Good afternoon to my fellow Brownhills people… I have been contacted recently by a newcomer to my Brownhills blog and they decided to enlighten me after reading about the Pelsall Common Bridge Ghost.… Continue reading

Tesco Brownhills Refresh Photo’s!

I thought I would take a few minutes to show you all the current photo’s of the newly revamped Tesco Store in Brownhills. The collection of photo’s are of a mixed nature and… Continue reading

Tesco Brownhills – Sign Of The Times… Part 2!!!

Well there it is… as mentioned in my previous post; Sign of the times, regarding the sad state of the Tesco Brownhills signage… I am very pleased to inform you all that it has… Continue reading

Assassin’s now advertising in Tesco? Every Little Helps!

It would appear that Tesco are open to the idea of helping the public in every way possible! I stumbled upon the above image whilst searching for an Assassin named Ezio! I thought it… Continue reading

Sign Of The Times – Tesco Brownhills

I know times are hard in the current financial climate but isn’t it about time the bohemath supermarket retailer Tesco, sends an aid package in one of their daily deliveries to the Brownhills… Continue reading

Point of Sale gone crazy?

Tesco Brownhills… Is there a promotion at all? I was walking down the health and beauty aisle in a certain local supermarket ( Tesco Brownhills ) and had to shield my eyes from… Continue reading

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